Laia, Bride (Catalunya)

Future brides: don't even hesitate to put yourself in Bibi's hands! Personally, I came to Bibi after a very bad experience with another Make-up Artist who had charged me a crazy amount of money for a trial and listened to nothing of what I wanted... Then came Bibi. Two months from my wedding day and after getting rid of the previous Make-up Artist I had a long search until my wedding planner recommended that I speak with Bibi. After speaking over the phone (I live in Germany) I just knew that she knows how to listen an assess my needs. And it's true, the trial at her studio in Barcelona could not have been better! She took a lot of time to discuss my ideas and evaluate what I could improve. She uses products of high quality from good brands. And an airbrush! Without doubt, this was such a good choice for me.
On then big day itself Bibi was also there for me; the weather was absolutely terrible and I think that without her there I would have been in hysterics. But with her, I felt in good hands and relaxed. I knew that I wouldn't feel 'dolled-up' and that she'd bring out my features in a natural way. And it's true, the results were spectacular. A thousands thanks once again, darling!

PS My wedding day also happened to be Bibi's birthday, but that made no difference as she took delight in doing my makeup and hair

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Miriam, Bride (Austria)

Thanks Bibi, my make up and hair was perfect on my wedding day. I was so glad that Bibi had time to come to Austria for this special day and she really did such a good job! My make up and hair was perfect till 5 a.m...Unbelievable!! She really knows how to make someone look gorgeous! I loved the calm and peaceful aura she creates while doing our make up! 

Rocio, Bride (Catalunya)

I booked the makeup and hairstyling services of Bibi Rhomberg for the most important day of my life, the day of my wedding!!!  The experience has been incredible, with makeup with airbrush and very discrete, accentuating the points I was looking for and a simple and elegant hairstyle. Everyone, myself included, were left stunned by my appearance on the day. Everything was very professional but also, I have to say, very personal, with lots of communication and she was always there to listen.  In summary, Bibi is an amazing professional and amazing person - thanks for contributing to making my perfect day!!!  

I'm sure that anyone who books her services will be as delighted as I was!


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