Juan Diego, Barcelona

A lomi-lomi session with Bibi is an experience that I recommend to absolutely everyone. It's a Journey through the senses. Each detail is intricately taken care of - the lighting invites you in to relax, the temperature and aromas lead you further into a state of relaxation. Her technique, meanwhile, is perfect and makes you feel secure and simply to want to close your eyes and let yourself float away. Almost without realizing, you let yourself go and start to feel peace, tranquility, calm, balance, and more. Bibi is one of those people that have a GIFT. With her natural positive energy, don't hesitate in putting yourself in her hands and saying goodbye to tensions and stress!

Eva, Barcelona

I'm a beautician and therapist, but I didn't know about the lomi lomi massage and wanted to try it. I just loved it. Until you've tried it you can't even imagine what it is really like; I recommend it.

It's a very relaxing and pleasant massage with natural oils and warming therapies.

Paula, Zürich

I liked the lomi lomi style of massage a lot. It feels as if you're right there between the waves.  Super relaxing, almost as if the waves themselves are giving you a warm embrace.

Isa, Uruguay

The Lomi Lomi massage is a unique experience. One of the most relaxing I've experienced up to now. It gives you a feeling of lightness, as if you were floating in the ocean. As well as the relaxation itself, your skin is left very smooth and hydrated because special oils are used to conduct the massage. It's an experience I would repeat without the shadow of a doubt. 

Jane, England

Lomi Lomi is very different from other massages I have received ,it is like being gently rocked by warm ocean waves...simultaneously calming, energizing and very comforting.


Bibi is attentive to aesthetics, through lighting, music, colour and carefully selected aromatics she creates an immersive sensory experience.


Bibi herself is a born natural healer; intuitive, respectful, open hearted and she clearly loves her work.


I unreservedly recommend experiencing a Lomi Lomi massage in the safe hands of Bibi.

Carolina, Madrid

It was a unique and complete experience in every way. The massage to the rhythms of the music, the smell of the oils, and the magic hands of Bibi lift you up to a state of complete disconnection and lead you to a high level of relaxation. I felt wrapped up in the waves!  A highly recommendable experience. 

Patricia, Chile

This was my first massage experience and I loved it! It was like a trance and a relaxation at the same time, and like being under the sea and floating simultaneously. A beautiful experience.

Pamela, Mexico

I've tried lots of different massage styles around the world (China, Thailand, and more) and I thought they were good enough, until I tried a Lomi Lomi with Bibi!  I can confirm that there is no experience quite like it, cleaning the body and enveloping the soul. Thanks Bibi


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